Our Story

No matter where you are, there’s always room for a little adventure. That’s what I learned growing up in New York City, where my father, Sushil, supplied South Asian spices and chutneys to New York’s curry houses. And then went on to run a fine Indian restaurant—one that spent fifteen years as the #1 rated Indian restaurant on Zagat.

A new culture of casual dining emerged in the 90s, and my family launched Cafe Spice in New York City. Cafe Spice focused on fun and experimentation, rather than the fine, sometimes stuffy settings seen in typical Indian restaurants at the time. My father brought the essence of Indian flavors to America; and I want to continue bringing the richness of International cooking to your home.

Our Culinary Director is Hari Nayak, one of the most sought after chefs in North America. He brings a new, modern outlook to Global cuisine without abandoning the authentic flavors, wonderful aromas, or rich culinary history. We source only the highest-quality ingredients, so your meals are bold and delicious.
In other words, we want to bring the essence of Asia—exotic flavors, bold ingredients, and wonderful aromas—to your home, no matter where you are.

Here’s to accessible, adventurous, eating.

-Sameer Malhotra, CEO and Co-Founder of Cafe Spice