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Cafe Spice and the Global Animal Partnership

Cafe Spice and the Global Animal Partnership

A Commitment to Animal Welfare and Authenticity

Foodie friends of the world unite: no matter what your flavor palate looks like, we can all agree that there’s a lot to keep in mind when picking out what we cook with and what we eat. There are so many different labels on what I’m buying, but what do they all mean? While we all do our best to tick all the proper boxes when food shopping and shop for brands that align with our values, some of the most important factors can fall by the wayside, leaving us with a shopping basket full of questions.  

The Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) isn’t standing at the entrance of your local market to let you know what products have their seal of approval and which don’t, but as one of the largest animal welfare food labeling programs in North America, they’re making a positive impact the moment one of their certified products hits store shelves. When meat or a product that contains meat carries a G.A.P. certification, it means that the farm that meat came from was inspected and certified to uphold specific animal welfare standards, like minimum space and natural light requirements, darkness hours for proper rest, and no antibiotics or no added growth hormones ever (and we mean ever). Unlike other food products that claim to be free of antibiotics but forget to mention that “free” just means that for a certain amount of time the animals weren’t given anything, G.A.P. certified meat has never and will never include added growth hormones or antibiotics. With 416 million animals currently G.A.P certified and over 1,200 (and counting!) G.A.P. certified products available in stores, making a purchase you can feel good about is easier than you think.

Every time you indulge in Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Saffron Rice or Red Chicken Curry with Thai Fried Rice, you’re filling your body with the best possible ingredients, including meat that has been given a seriously impressive seal of approval based on comprehensive standards and an enriched environment that focuses on the welfare of each and every chicken. The mission of Cafe Spice is to provide adventurous eaters with easy access to authentic, high-quality global cuisine, and that includes packing each dish with ingredients that have gone through the certification ringer to make sure every bite is clean, and delicious.

For Sameer Malhotra, CEO and co-founder of Cafe Spice, choosing to use chicken with that G.A.P. certification is an integral part of that mission because not only are the animals humanely raised, they’re free (and always have been) of antibiotics and added growth hormones. “At Cafe Spice we set the bar high to exceed customers’ expectations, which is why we are committed to conscientious sourcing and supporting animal welfare initiatives,” said Malhotra. “G.A.P. Certification is important to us because having their third-party certification gives credibility and transparency to our claims of using high-quality ingredients.”

When it comes to animal welfare, the G.A.P. certification is just the start. Cafe Spice is the first prepared meal company to be a part of the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart community, which works with brands to improve the welfare of farm animals. Knowing that the farms Cafe Spice sources from have been inspected and certified by the G.A.P. adds an extra level of trust for retail consumers who want to make sure that each purchase they make aligns with their values.

So, the next time you’re at the grocery store and perusing the grab ‘n go aisle, make sure to fill your basket with a few Cafe Spice meals and know that you’re not just treating yourself to bold flavors that are ready in minutes, you’re helping to create long-lasting change in the food world.

Get more information on the Global Animal Partnership here.

Sara Kay is a writer, editor, and self-proclaimed home chef currently living in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is a diehard fan of cacio e pepe, a good food pun, and is always on the hunt for the next great nosh.

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